Volunteer at Scope Charity Shop

Development of communication skills Volunteering

I played a vital role at the Scope shop in Harrow for 8 months as I worked there to give back to the community. I found Scope Charity shop through my Duke Of Edinburgh Award, although not completing my Duke Of Edinburgh award I continued to work at Scope. Over the months I was there to work solely to achieve the award I came to the realisation that there is not enough people volunteering at the shop, or any charity shop really. I continued there because of my love to help others and wanted to make sure that everyone would always have someone there for them. Throughout my time at Scope, I took on a variety of diverse roles that you would not see clash within the retail industry. I would interact with customers, at the till, to help them purchase items so my communication skills had to be great and I was told on multiple times that my friendly nature helped me acquire friendships with the regular customers.

Moreover, I helped around the shop with hanging up clothes, restocking and cleaning the store overall, this was a labour-heavy part of my volunteering job which allowed to gain the skill of never giving up, with customers walking in and out all the time, clothes that I had just put away properly were found on the floor. One of my favourites parts of the volunteering job was being able to sort and tag all the clothes. All the clothes that are donated to us would be sorted and tagged behind the shop floor, which was fun because I was able to use a tagging gun and I liked pricing the items that would go on store, there was no set pricing so I had to make good judgements. I often took on a leadership role at the shop and others would ask me about the pricing.

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