Worked with Erase All Kittens to provide high-quality, fun workshops for kids

Software Engineering Development of communication skills Python programming

I acquired a week long work experience placement at IBM through my networking skills and connecting with those through a machine learning project I had been working on during my spare time. I worked with Dale Lane, a Software Developer at IBM and creator of MLforKids. During my time at IBM, I spent time working on MLForKids coming up with new ideas for different, engaging worksheets to provide kids during lessons. I focused on trying to expand my skillset so using Python and different API's to really curate lots of different services to create a product. During my first day I converted a Scratch worksheet to Python, so I could get a feel for how much effort each worksheet would be.

Knowing this, I worked on a sentiment analysis program using Twitter's API and a Machine Learning Model that I trained with IBM Watson. Using this model I was able to see whether Tweets regarding a specific topic had a bias, and labelling them automatically as Positive or Negative. Once I had completed this and finished creating the easy-to-follow worksheet I submitted it and continued to work on a new project.

During my last two days, I worked on an Android App that woukd recognise the colour bands on a resistor and distinguish what ohm rating the resistor was. I managed to complete the machine learning training model and write the program for the detection, however I was not able to complete the Android App. However, I am determined to continue the project and will be finishing the app in the near-future.

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